Austin Smith

Birthplace: Bellingham, WA

Hometown: Bend, OR

Resort: Mt. Bachelor, OR

At the tail end of the last of Mack Dawg’s legendary snowboard filmography, was a kid from Bend, Oregon who stole the show. Winning Rookie of the Year in Mackdawg’s B-movie “We’re People Too” while also winning an unheard of Video Part of the Year as a rookie, Austin Smith arrived on to the snowboard scene on top. Having reached the pinnacle so quickly, Austin set out to innovate in snowboarding in unforeseen ways. From ditching contests and the established film companies to produce his own films Smith also started Drink Water alongside close friend Bryan Fox. Drink Water started an innocent rebellion against the corporate influence of energy drinks in action sports that developed into a charitable foundation, mirroring Austin’s rogue but affable nature.

INSTAGRAM: @austinbsmith